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Sanguine Relic – Labyrinth Of Nightmares

Sanguine Relic – Labyrinth Of Nightmares
Sanguine Relic – Labyrinth Of Nightmares
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Two spells of torments raw melodic black metal melancholy maze worship taken from the perpetual visions of the eternal slumberer, Sanguine Relic have unchained yet another masterpiece incantation in their vampyric crusade began in the age of 2015.

Hailing from the bloodstained lands of North America, Sanguine Relic has always presented a mysterious veil of melancholic ruin surrounding its potent coalescence of dissonant punishment and hypnotic infection, Labyrinth of Nightmares only furthering this entanglement of immortal bloodlust and raw black metal melodicism.
Entropic hiss production, sorrow laden expressions, infectious tremolo terror, sombre clash percussion, howling weep vocals and a penchant for irresistible spell craftsmanship; Sanguine Relic have once again penned an incantation that will possess the spirits of any acolyte exposed to its cruel lamentations, with less than ten minutes needed for the fangs to penetrate deeper and the consumption of soul be torn asunder in the lustbidden throes of a vampyric rape.

Small press of single side 12" EP for maximum sound quality.

Comes with 80's style tip-on jacket and OBI.