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Vipannamaya – On the Banks of Vaitarani

Vipannamaya – On the Banks of Vaitarani
Vipannamaya – On the Banks of Vaitarani
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By introversion of the white water clarity and pollution of droning dissonance, does the flowing river grow foul with black, as that which is only brought in bane of truth and by name of shadow, rises from murk by name of Vipannamaya.
Born in the age of 2022, Indian black ambient entity Vipannamaya is aligned with the Kolkata Inner Order and has set its sacrificial altar aural invocations to render the world barren with its drowning sorceries of dissonant destruction.
Making its debut with a driving dreamforce of desecration, Vipannamaya has conspired with the iron deluge of GoatowaRex spiritual sadism to bring this debut into the hands of acolytes by means of cassette tape cruel.

On The Banks Of Vaitarani is the conflagration of incendiary waters and dark oath anchors chained to rusted frames beneath writhing waves.
A trinity of droning black ambient spells coalesced with a hammering anvil of entropic bestiality, Vipannamaya displays here the meditations of its strangulated epiphanies, delivering nightmare blow after nightmare blow of vast atmospheric punishment.
Acolytes that dare to take to those infernal river banks will find themselves spirited away upon a haunted assault of the senses, mind and misery made meld, as the three furies of an ancient estuary lay wasted by tsunami of terror triumph.