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Ûkcheânsâlâwit - Mjijaqamij

Ûkcheânsâlâwit - Mjijaqamij
Ûkcheânsâlâwit - Mjijaqamij
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Ûkcheânsâlâwit - Mjijaqamij - Cassette

Ûkcheânsâlâwit summon a shamanistic meditation diving into an animalistic psyche hidden within.
Haunting vocals initially exist at the edges of perception prior to meeting a solemn softly sung guide.
The ritualistic journey continues through grandiose guitar built landscapes embellished by ethereal synth melodies.
A penultimate track drifts closest to an accustomed expression of the genre, whereas the final song exists as a reflection of the whole album’s mystic escape to the last earthly frontier.

- Pro tapes Limited to 100 copies
50 on Black shell beige print
50 on Translucent Green Shell with beige print
- Mastered for tape by Haris V. at The Eleveth Tower Studios

You can listen to the full album here:
Ûkche​â​ns​â​l​â​wit - Mjijaqamij