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Faceless Spectre / Celestial Sword – Split

Faceless Spectre / Celestial Sword – Split
Faceless Spectre / Celestial Sword – Split
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Faceless Spectre / Celestial Sword - Cassette

The Sold Out vinyl release now available on tape!

A split release between two of the best artists from the black metal and dungeon synth scene.
Deorc Weg also known from Despondent Moon and Celestial Sword also known from his work on Nocturnal Effigy and Pyre of Black Roses.

Both artists are quite distinct in their musical path.
Faceless Spectre ranges from lofi-ish atmospheric black to dungeon synth and ambient often if not always driven by synths on the other hand
Celestial Sword offers a much harsher path and not often straying from black metal.
The thing that makes this split amazing is that not only these artists always please us with utmost quality and also work well together.
Furthermore, they successfully capture the black metal’s essence while showing great songwriting, instrumental and vocal traits.

Pro tapes, Black shell with white print
Limited to 50 copies

You can listen to the album here: