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Vetëvrakh – Satanic Black Moloch

Vetëvrakh – Satanic Black Moloch
Vetëvrakh – Satanic Black Moloch
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Two years after the debut album and a halt of release comes the second album from this well known act from the VIIIXIII.
 There are no surprises here, only complete dedication to darkness.
Still, there seems to be a slight return to the origins, as this record does not seem as clean as the previous.
It feels more ritualistic, if you may, making full use of the vocals to open the way to chaos and madness.
While it is not a fast hellish march of blackness, this sort of demented ambiance is what makes this sort of projects to shine, as it encapsulates the real meaning of black metal, be it ambient, atmospheric, raw or whatever subgenre you might enjoy.
 The portal opens once again, to the abyssal one!