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Vadhakarmadhikarin – Anvastra Svara Sattaragra DLP

Vadhakarmadhikarin – Anvastra Svara Sattaragra DLP
Vadhakarmadhikarin – Anvastra Svara Sattaragra DLP
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Kolkata casket crew gravediggers sharpening their battle hatchet brutalities, as the holocaust of a hundred hands eviscerates the brittle spines of the moral majority—rises that eternal warmaster feared only as Vadhakarmadhikarin.
Rearing its anti-flesh warheads in the age of 2020, Vadhakarmadhikarin is the grand scion of black noise war terror aligned with the Indian Kolkata Inner Order, utilising its sonic output of spiritual warfare to wreak havoc upon the underground tomb cult masses.
So it would be, in celebration of the third world chaos eternal, that Vadhakarmadhikarin and the Kolkata Inner Order would conspire with the iron totalitarianism of GoatowaRex gunmetal grief, to bring this incantation of bleak bastard bestiality to the acolyte commandos armed to the teeth upon the metaphysical frontline of aeonic warfare.

Anvastra Svara Sattaragra is the never ending, never relenting, never ceasing inferno of million artillery blood barrages on the collective spirit of mortal perception.
A true black noise war audial assault against the senses, Vadhakarmadhikarin takes no prisoners, executing each spell with as much sadistic ferocity as that which came before, war crime wickedness brought to new elevations of the sacred sound dissonant.
Radio equipment blown to shreds by rancid reverb gluttony, machine gun percussion, conflict howl vocals, distorted warguitar feedback, and a infinite hatred for the weak who clamber upon rotten bodies for a salvation that will never come; the piercings of shrapnel studding their feeble flesh for an eternity.
Anvastra Svara Sattaragra is the underground war fulminations of genocidal penetration, whose noise grind war tactics should be experienced by all those hunting an entropy of sound t make their souls bleed iron bullets.