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Selvhat - Gjennom Moerket Famlene

Selvhat - Gjennom Moerket Famlene
Selvhat - Gjennom Moerket Famlene
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Jacket flooded black inside
Poly-lined inner-sleeve
180g black vinyl

The SELVHAT magnum opus Gjennom Mørket Famlende will always be a personal favorite of mine. This is where, in my honest opinion, he peaked before he left us, and yet I feel we had even bigger things to come, but alas.

Written, recorded and performed by himself with assistance from E.Blix, also playing drums on these recordings.

Absolutely mesmerizing, chilling Black Metal perfection, I will never stop praising this album!

Even looking back at playing an instrumental CD-r version back in the day, I instantly knew this was something special, and to this day I still think this is one unique album and one of my favorite albums.

Although slightly updated/adjusted layout, this release remains true to the original.

No CD version in respect for the artist's contempt for the format.