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Gate Master – Gate Master

Gate Master – Gate Master
Gate Master – Gate Master
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The yawning portal of celestial ichor shambles its black star maw open, as he that is lord of abstract keys and azure iron, the Gate Master, creeps forth from interdimensional stellar spiral dissolution.
Tinkering with the astral alchemy since the age of 2020, Gate Master is a truly mysterious entity infamous for his soundscapes of vast ambience and crushing black metal metamorphosis, unchaining incantation after incantation of gravity hammer horror to this very day.
Yet, returning to that first self-titled debut, does the iron galaxy of GoatowaRex entropic ennui bring this incantation into the hands of acolytes by medium of raven wax vinyl black.

Gate Master is an experimental force of void cyclone insanity that focuses its portal putrefactions upon an ambient black metal soundscape of celestial desolation.
Here in the darkest depths of the void does Gate Master employ a thick wall of torrential sound, shrieking howls lending to the harrowing employment of constant drum barrages and perpetual tremolo riffing. Contrasted with this are strong ambient pieces of lonely passage, haunted by singular melodies and necrotic synth sublimation, that soak and drown within ebon oceans of dissonant minimalism.