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Behrosth – Оазис

Behrosth – Оазис
Behrosth – Оазис
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Breaking from a tangle of earth sage tree trunks, pledging allegiance to totem of haze smoke psychedelia, and wandering the wastelands of kaleidoscopic reverie strikes those crusaders of drug cloud and shamanistic trance, known only by rainbow demon title of Behrosth.
Once this entity of golden helm majesty stoked it's carnal flames in the cold bonfire of raw black sorcery, but now has exchanged this expression for that of a more psychedelic doom bent, keeping only a slight essence of what it was once before and elevating its spellcraft by careful decision of narcotic induced hallucination.
Now, one of their latest and most powerful incantations to date, Оазис, is made available to acolytes by the iron dreams of GoatowaRex cardinal crusader hypnosis, by way of raven upon wax in the blackest of vinyl.

Оазис is a warm, fuzzy, groove laden, synth asphyxiation of an incantation, one that lifts acolytes up upon a fog of vision smoke and takes them away to the stone wastelands of the ancient totem folk.
An empowering fusion of psychedelic acid rock alchemical process and raw black attitude and oratory expression, Оазис delivers exactly as its title suggests, an oasis of musical bliss that allows acolytes to escape the desolation of a miserable soundscape.
Infectious doom riffs, sonorous synthlines, and a snappy composition structure, those seeking a break from the brutalities of black metal, but still wanting a hint of that essence, need scry no longer, for the golden helmed crusaders of rainbow cloud stand proud upon winged ships, sublime songs emitting from their iridescent warhorns.