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Adaga – Das Ruínas do Ser

Adaga – Das Ruínas do Ser
Adaga – Das Ruínas do Ser
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Dark music from Portugal.

A strange and stripped down blend between Black Metal, rock music, melancholy and rage.

Adaga’s first public recording, the full-length Das Ruínas do Ser reimagines black metal in its most skeletal form: stripped of distortion, free of effects, barebones by choice and not necessity.
Forlorn and forgotten, the path this entity wanders upon is a desolate one suffused with a paradoxically beautiful melancholy.
The undistorted strings ring with a haunting clarity that penetrates the soul in a most penultimate manner; the hackle-raising howls from the abyss reorient the listener that, despite whatever surface (DARK) “beauty” there may be here, it’s all resonating from a radiant pool of blackest metal.
As such, that path takes many turns – some barely moving, others violently unrestrained, all plaintive and poignant and undeniably human, even uncomfortably so – and Adaga guides the listener across tense terrain that altogether fires the imagination by leaving nearly everything up to it.

How frightening is NOT KNOWING? The six-song/31-minute Das Ruínas do Ser offers some answers, but the work is left entirely to the intrepid.