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Holyarrow – 勝利萬歲 = Long Live Victory!

Holyarrow – 勝利萬歲 = Long Live Victory!
Holyarrow – 勝利萬歲 = Long Live Victory!
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In the revolution of Han mastery and might, by blood and by bullet, does the epic Chinese black metal entity known as Holyarrow strike its target true by power of victory.
Born in the age of 2015, Holyarrow are one of China’s most esteemed black metal entities, one that is the masterwork of Schtarch (Rupture & Demogorgon), whom has strung Holyarrow to penetrate a wide host of incantations that have only increased in their potency of insurgency with each arrow loosed from the celestial bow.
Long Live Victory! is Holyarrow’s latest full-length incantation, and one that elevates all that Holyarrow has created prior, marching forward with a battle campaign composed of; melodic tremolo majesty, ritualistic choral oration, bombastic percussive force, infectious spell construction, rasping triumphant vox, crystal pristine production and a truly sincere expression of revolutionary Chinese history and war.
Taking no prisoners and leaving none alive, Long Live Victory! is Holyarrow’s greatest crusade to date, one that leaves its enemies trampled and its warriors emboldened.

The brand new 2024 album and first full-length album in 6 years, self-claimed National Revolutionary Black Metal.
All copies on blue vinyl, 2 12"x12" insert and OBI.