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Putrid Marsh ‎– In Solitude

Putrid Marsh ‎– In Solitude
Putrid Marsh ‎– In Solitude
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Meditating upon mire of muck and fume of fear, the Reclusive Goblin once again unchains a hypnotising soundscape via the Putrid Marsh of its homeland, the swamp sultry brimming once more with the sounds of possession and poison.
Rising from the interminable depths in the age of 2020, Putrid Marsh is an experimental excess of ennui ensorcelled dungeon swamp synth sagacity, utilising a minimalist instrumentation style to deliver a sombre vision of ambient augury and infectious melody.
In Solitude is the latest incantation risen from the Putrid Marsh, the Reclusive Goblin weaving perhaps its most eerie and elusive collection of haunted spells to date; warbled whispers, mouldering atmospherics, shadow synth, crawling samples, analogue production, surreal composition and ominous intent all allowing for a journey no acolyte of slime will be able to resist.
To awaken to the mysteries of mould and to die below in the uncertainty of an emerald inferno beyond the ken of mortal man.

All copies on black vinyl with Japanese style tip-on jacket, OBI stripe, 24"x24" huge poster and A3 insert, maniac goblin synth music that Putrid Marsh is known for.