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Μνήμα - Καταραμένα Λείψανα

Μνήμα - Καταραμένα Λείψανα
Μνήμα - Καταραμένα Λείψανα
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Μνήμα - Καταραμένα Λείψανα

In Greece, a funeral is especially profound.
As the burial shroud is slowly raised over the face of the deceased it is common for despair amongst the mourners to reach fever pitch; the wailing, the panic, the tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth as loved ones throw themselves at the coffin in uncontrollable and unbearable hysteria… for they know that this is the last time on this earth that they will see the face of their partner… their precious, adored, beautiful child.
This moment… this anguish… this abject, primal agony… THIS is the driving force behind CURSED RELICS, the second full-length album of necromantic lunacy from the mind-shattering Μνήμα.
More deranged, more noisy, yet more melodic than ever, it is the culmination of all the pain that has come before and all the tragedy that is yet to be.
With this, their most calamitous canticle, Μνήμα is here to witness the black flame sear and consume your soul, destroying all in your final moments on this earthly plane… for everything dies.

- Pressed on 180g Black and Limited Red Vinyl (His Wounds Exclusive)
- Housed in a 350gsm Single sleeve cover Reverse printed with Matte finish, Black Flood and 3mm spine
- Specially mastered for vinyl
- Includes a double-sided 30x30 insert on 200 gr paper
- Poly-lined inner sleeve and high quality protective sleeves