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Ordering Info

By purchasing from His Wounds Records  you are automatically agreeing to the Terms & Conditions as laid out below.

Refunds / Returns

Refunds/replacements are given only for inherently faulty products (i.e. vinyl production errors), or if we send the wrong item by mistake.
If you receive a shirt that you ordered but does not fit and wish to swap it, shipping for the return and the outward order is your responsibility.

If an order fails to be delivered or is not picked up by our customer then it will be returned to us. This takes a lot of time (multiple weeks or even months).
To re ship them we will charge full shipping costs.

Customs fees

International customers are responsible of paying possible import taxes of the products they have ordered. 

Damaged products

We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.
Everything is shipped in top shape unless otherwise mentioned but please note that during transit there is always a chance of bends or creases.
If you have received a damaged item you can always contact us via e-mail and we will try to replace them if possible