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Shipping & Handling


Please allow up to 14 days for the shipment of your order. That time is significantly lower but during a new batch I need some extra time to pack everything.
After an order is shipped you’ll receive your tracking number in the shipping confirmation email

Ελλάδα: Αποστολή με ΕΛΤΑ

Το κόστος αποστολής είναι 3€ για παραγγελίες κάτω των 60€ και δωρεάν για παραγγελίες άνω των 60€.

WORLDWIDE: Ships with the Greek Post Office

0-250gr 8 euros (registered)

251-500gr 13 euros (registered)

501-1000gr 19 euros (registered)

1001-2000gr 26 euros (registered)

2001-3000gr 44 euros (registered)

3001-4000gr 52 euros (registered)

4001-5000gr 60 euros (registered)

5001-6000gr 68 euros (registered)

6001-7000gr 76 euros (registered)

7001-8000gr 84 euros (registered)

8001-9000gr 92 euros (registered)

9001-10000gr 100 euros (registered)

10001-11000gr 108 euros (registered)

11001-12000gr 116 euros (registered)

12001-13000gr 124 euros (registered)

13001-14000gr 132 euros (registered)

14001-15000gr 140 euros (registered)

15001-16000gr 148 euros (registered)

16001-17000gr 156 euros (registered)

17001-18000gr 164 euros (registered)

18001-19000gr 172 euros (registered)

19001-20000gr 180 euros (registered)

EU1: Ships with ACS Courier (Up to 1kg ships with Greek Post Office due to better shipping rates)

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia

501-5000gr 16 euros (registered)

5001-10000gr 20 euros (registered)

10001-20000gr 30 euros (registered)

EU2: Ships with ACS Courier (Up to 1kg ships with Greek Post Office due to better shipping rates)

France, Ireland, Italy, Letonia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Romania. Slovenia

1001-3000gr 18 euros (registered)

3001-4000gr 26 euros (registered)

4001-10000gr 32 euros (registered)

10001-15000gr 35 euros (registered)

EU3: Ships with ACS Courier (Up to 5kg ships with Greek Post Office due to better shipping rates)

Estonia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Finland

5001-15000gr 55 euros (registered)


All orders are packaged to eliminate damage being done to the item(s) ordered during transit.
Vinyl is packed in new LP boxes, fortified with bubble wrap and/or extra carton (as long as order weight allows for it) for better protection.
Vinyl is always packaged outside the sleeve as well, so factory sealed LPs will get unsealed unless you instruct us otherwise.
CDs are always mailed with jewel cases. CD jewel cases and cassette cases are considered expendable and there’s always risk of damage during transport, if you want extra protective packaging let us know as it might affect shipping costs.